Skyrim board game will be launched in the summer of 2022

Desktop publisher Modiphius Entertainment announced that their latest project is The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim-Adventure Game, A prequel to a board game, suitable for unlimited transplantation of one to four players’ favorite Skyrim.

Before the incident where the Dragonborn came to Skyrim, the adventure game portrayed the player as one of the four surviving blades, the protector of the empire, as they worked together to stop the conspiracy that threatened the entire Skyrim. Players can choose from six different game races and equip them with various weapons and armors.

The game comes with two complete campaigns, played once, provides more than 12 hours of game time, and can be easily replayed to significantly increase the estimate. You can even easily save your game during the campaign for later use.

Fantasy adventure board games are very popular now. Between the great success of Gloomhaven and the revival of the Descent franchise, there are many ways to meet and explore the dungeon. Modiphius’ view of this genre needs to be truly special to stand out from the crowded adventure games.

At the same time, Skyrim turns ten this month, and Bethesda is not ashamed to celebrate its anniversary. The company released the Skyrim Anniversary Edition on the same day that it launched its initial game ten years ago, which contains user modules and even some Morrowind content. Unfortunately, due to the way the game code is compiled, this new version may leave a large number of other modules.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim-an adventure game sometimes launched in the summer of 2022.Players can now pre-order their copies Game discovery.