Skyrim’s Anniversary Edition update may damage the mod more than expected

If you use mods to play Skyrim: Special Edition, you may have set Steam to “Update this game only when I start” in the properties menu, and then you launch it from a separate exe through the mod manager of your choice.If you don’t, every time Bethesda Creation Club gets some new content, it will break Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE), important plug-ins required by several of the best Skyrim modules.

When the 10th anniversary of Skyrim arrives next month, you will be able to purchase the anniversary edition, which is basically a 64-bit special edition plus all the content currently in the creative club and 26 unreleased works. Even if you don’t do this, the special edition will get some free creations (fishing, survival mode, and missions of Saints and Seducers). It is not a separate item in Steam, but an update to the existing version. For module makers, this is obviously more problematic than regular updates.