Snap Layouts is the best new feature of Windows 11

Since the era of Windows 7, my favorite keyboard shortcut is Windows + Left/Right, which allows me to throw windows to either side of the screen and automatically resize them to occupy 50% of the display. Great for viewing documents and web browsers side-by-side, or keeping Chrome in place forever when I use the other half of the display for chat windows or file browsers or whatever I currently need. Over the years, Microsoft has made some improvements to window capture, but the overhaul of Windows 11 can easily become the best capture ever.

The same keyboard shortcuts still work, but on top of them, Microsoft has added a very useful and intuitive mouse interface, and can easily capture multiple windows into a grid. This is no longer about a 50/50 split. Snap Layouts is a great evolution of already great features.

How the capture layout works

(Image source: Microsoft)

Snap Layouts of Windows 11 provides you with six different grid options to arrange your desktop:

  • Two windows, 50/50 split
  • Two windows, 70/30 split
  • Three windows are divided into three parts
  • Three windows, 50/25/25 split
  • Four windows are divided into four equal parts
  • Three windows, 25/50/25 split

This may be easier than reading. Fortunately, when you hover your mouse over the maximize icon of the window, you will see this small pop-up window to start the Snap layout.