Social deception game first class brings murder party to PlayStation

Although PlayStation users are still waiting for “Among Us” to add luster to the platform, they have another social deception game worth looking forward to. First Class Troubles set a similar whodunnit premise in space, but this time you control the 1950s role on a luxury space cruise ship. The game was launched in Steam Early Access earlier this year, and it is now moving to the PlayStation console.

First Class Trouble supports 6 players, 4 of them are inhabitants, and the remaining 2 are Personoids, which is a fancy term for “lying murderer”. Residents must work together to shut down the rogue artificial intelligence on board, while humanoid robots destroy the mission by killing the residents (cautiously or otherwise) without getting caught. As shown in the trailer, you can kill other players in several interesting ways, such as lighting them with a flamethrower, feeding them to giant carnivorous plants, or, if you feel very lively, putting a chandelier on them On the head.

The game also has a close-range chat function, which makes the interaction feel more real (like hearing a call for help in the distance) and a beautiful quick start option that allows you to jump to the main menu after completing the first game and set it up faster Rematch. The PlayStation 5 version uses the tactile feedback of the DualSense controller to make every successful kill as satisfying in the hand and in the heart.You can visit the following website to learn more about game development PlayStation Blog.

Since it is in the early access stage on PC, First Class Trouble currently has no release date, but it will land on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. If you are a fan of social deception games, please let us know your thoughts on First Class Trouble below!