Solaire enters X Games mode in Firelink Shrine thanks to Tony Hawk’s underground mod

“He doesn’t ‘de-hollow’, he is sick” Judges Game Critic Leon Messi About the famous assistant of Dark Souls, Sorel of Astra, absolutely tear it up Go skateboarding at the Firelink Shrine, the iconic heart of Dark Souls. But what the hell is going on here?

You can find two modding items –Fire Spirit Temple by sockpuppetkingdom and Soler By Syeo – On the THPSX website, there’s a surprisingly active community of Tony Hawk’s pro skateboarders and modders. Forum made a mod for Tony Hawk’s Underground 2,”thug,” which was used to expand the capabilities of Underground 2 and enable it to serve as a unified platform for mods and levels in the classic Tony Hawk game.