Some British customers’ PS4 copies of Far Cry 6 have not been upgraded to the PS5 version

Players picking up the physical version Far Cry 6 exist PS4 In the UK, they are looking for what they should get PS5 The version is not always valid.

It seems that this problem stems from the fact that consumers in the UK and some other EU regions received the Russian version of the game.After redeeming, it will work as expected, but this does mean that the version difference means that the game is not compatible with the UK PS5 upgrade provided to UK PSN account owners (via European players).

A thread Ubisoft official support forum It outlines that users in other countries such as Greece and Germany have encountered similar problems when trying to redeem games and apply for dual rights.

The tweet embedded above shows this problem; Stuart Pearson pointed out how you can redeem the PS5 version of the game if you run the game through a Russian account. The problem is that this will cost you the progress of your DLC and so-called “regular” PSN account. not ideal.

This is not the first time this has happened: last year we saw the same problems with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and the Watchdogs Army. Similar to these issues in Far Cry 6, they only affect European players who purchase the CD version.

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