Some digital PS3 and Vita games are “expired” and no one knows why

Some players report that certain PlayStation games like Chrono Cross “Expires” on PS3 and PlayStation Vita.

Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers Edition Launched earlier this week, but now some players are claiming to legally buy digital versions of PSOne Classics like Chrono Cross and timing trigger Reportedly no longer playable small house. Twitter user Christopher Foss shared a picture Revealing their digital copy of Chrono Cross, valid until December 31, 1969, with the remainder of the game expired and no longer playable on PS3 or Vita.

Foose went on to explain that they tested Chrono Trigger on their PS3 earlier in the day (April 8) and it worked fine and had no expiration date. Talking to the official PlayStation support system didn’t help either.Later, other users showed similar games Final Fantasy IX and Final Fantasy VI Facing the same problem of having an expiry date in the past.

Some users on Reddit also shared issues with the game not working, one of them being can not play Unit 13the other cannot access any of their digital catalogs Not at all.

The fact that multiple games are having this issue means that it’s not directly due to the release of Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition, so the reason why all of them are having this issue is currently unclear. As Kotaku points out, one explanation might be to be called “Unix era. “

The Unix epoch is an arbitrary date that early engineers believed to be the start of the operating system’s life cycle, so it may be a glitch in Sony’s backend that sets the expiration date for these titles to the Unix epoch. Whatever the reason, it shouldn’t happen, and hopefully just some kind of glitch.