Someone applied Da Vinci style aerodynamics to a modern-day drone

As far as hobbies go, recreational drones are kind of like the outdoors version of PC gaming. People are always looking for different parts to improve their machines, be it new quieter spinning fans, better power sources or peripherals like cameras and controllers. Many are also just looking to make their drones look as cool as possible, like a snazzy PC case, while others are chasing that retro charm.

This time that retro charm is going all the way back to the 1400’s with this wonderfully whimsical drone with da Vinci inspired wings. Spotted by Cnetthe excellent drone dubbed the Crimson Spin was built by Austin Prete together with a team from the University of Maryland. Rather than the usual spinning PC fan style wings, this drone uses Archimedes screws to fly, just like in hydraulic machines to lift water or Leonardo da Vinci’s famous helicopter design.