Someone Check Hell Freezes Because 2010s Voxel RPG Block World Is Back

Is this real life? Twelve years ago, in a very different PC gaming landscape where voxels were just becoming a popular genre, a separate indie project called Cube World caused quite a stir. Similar to Minecraft, but more RPG-oriented, development videos posted to YouTube attract tens or even hundreds of thousands of views. It went silent for five years until 2014, when it made slow but steady progress. When it suddenly returns and releases, well, Cube World turns out to be… pretty bad.

That anticlimax seemed to seal the end of the Cube World story, but here we are back to the early 2000s.Blockworld is back, with a new trailer and a new website, developer Wolfram von Funck briefly described its return. It seems to be in the spirit that Cube World has always been, emphasizing the use of procedural generation to create variety.