Someone designed the LEGO PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and our wallets are ready

A very creative person has designed LEGO versions of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, and while they’re not currently available for purchase, they may one day appear.

twitter user brignick revealed these Two proof-of-concept LEGO kits There’s a stylish video today, and it turns out that with enough support, these could become a reality. This is thanks to LEGO Ideas, a unique LEGO program where users can submit concepts for projects, such as the LEGO next-generation game console, and seek support. With enough support, LEGO can bring these concept kits to life. This kind of help was requested by BrikinNick on Twitter, and showed that it was just a matter of creating a Lego Ideas account and clicking support. BrickingNick says 10,000 backers could help make this project a LEGO set, so if you like what you see, please help him.

It’s on every page (game console 5, Xbox Series X), you can get a better understanding of each LEGO brick, and here you’ll find Brigginick going a step further and designing the interior of each brick in a way that allows LEGO or the user to build three smaller video game LEGO kits The structure is displayed internally (or stands on its own).

As you might expect, these LEGO kits look almost identical to the real thing, only slightly lumpier of course. While they’re still conceptual, it’s probably easier to get one right now than a new generation console. They all come with matching controller LEGO kits, as well as a special stand on which the controller can be placed when not being held.

“Bringing the PS5 to life in LEGO form at a 1:1 scale is anything but boring,” Brigginick wrote in the LEGO Ideas description. “Complex curves, angles and vents make for an extremely difficult build, but they all fit together nicely [we agree!]. All buttons, ports and other details can be found where you expect. To take the whole build to the next level, I designed this build to open up, revealing three hidden video game scenes. Each scene can easily be removed from the console to display them individually. ”

In terms of the Xbox Series X, BrickinNick’s description reads much the same: it’s a 1:1 scale build, it opens up to reveal three hidden video game scenes, and so on. The controllers on both even have working battery compartments with LEGO batteries!

Hopefully he gets the support he needs as our wallets are ready.

What do you think of these LEGO bricks? Let us know in the comments below!