Someone experienced “Battlefield 2042” first and leaked some information

Battlefield 2042Only a few days before the early access release, a player has successfully entered. Reddit users Frog Said they had the Xbox version pre-installed, but somehow they were able to unlock the pre-installation to give them full access.

No matter how believable the story is, Aaronfrogger did successfully take screenshots of various areas of the game, including maps that were not in the beta, portal mode, game menus, and seemingly complete weapons available at launch.

Assuming that the content we are looking at will not expand with the first day’s patch, then the list of weapons is particularly small. There are only four assault rifles, four submachine guns, two light machine guns, three DMRs, three shotguns, three sniper rifles and three secondary guns-this is not a big list.

At least, this time the weapon customization seems to be more substantial, with several effective accessories (including ammunition types) and some basic unlockable camouflage. Nevertheless, this list is smaller than previous Battlefield games-especially lackluster compared to Call of Duty.

Currently, Aaronfrogger has been playing robots since the main server of the game is not yet online. The game actually provides single player and cooperative game menu options for AI, separate from the multiplayer game options. This is something that DICE discussed before the release, but it has never really shown or explained how it works.

Of course, access to the full game also allows Reddit users to have a little fun in Portal mode, although they don’t have much to say about it.

“Battlefield 2042” will be officially launched on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X on November 19. Owners of the Gold Edition and Ultimate Edition will start playing this Friday.