Someone in your family commented: a horror movie with a good idea

The originality of Netflix’s recent horror films is debatable, which means that these films often stand on the shoulders of their predecessors in the genre.The Fear Street series often nods Scream, Friday the 13th, with Witch It failed to form its own identity. No one goes out alive Obvious overlap His house In terms of reimagining the haunted house as a source of fear and tension in society. And the latest streaming services, Someone in your house, Also thanks to the movie Black christmas, haze, with I know what you did last summer, It is clearly quoted.There is a creepy conceit Someone in your house, But that really creepy detail can’t offset the overall sense of familiarity. Someone in your house Intermittently effective, but ultimately unremarkable, it feels like a disappointing product of that era.

When adapting Stephanie Perkins’ 2017 novel, director Patrick Bryce and screenwriter Henry Gaiden relied too much on simplistic dynamics, and this flattened the construction of the world. Whether it is a location or a person, there is no depth here. This small town consists of a school, a police station, a church, and cornfields—obviously, the audience should understand that it means oppression. The abandoned protagonists are diverse in race, biology, and gender-it is clear that the audience is sympathetic to their differences. The bullies are all mini-neo-Nazis. Their conversations attacked “fake news”, advocated alliances with white power, and spit out toxic masculinity. Expectation point: Both of their parents may vote for Donald Trump.

These components seem to be perfunctory, such as Brice and Gayden ticking off the list they think Gen Z teenagers will respond to.This superficiality means Someone in your house Some unique things must be provided in the slasher department to differentiate yourself, and the results there are mixed. Disturbingly, the killer wore a 3D printed copy of the latest victim’s face. This choice of clothing highlights the murderer’s ideology that every victim died due to hypocrisy.But those violent sequences lack the impetus needed to shock and excessive weirdness Someone in your house Life. The cut tendons, torso, and throat leaked blood, but the candy-red bloody artificial feeling extended to the entire man-made movie.

Photo: Netflix

Someone in your house The story takes place in the village of Osborne. An isolated community is shocked by the murder of the football player Jackson Pace (Marc Ann Taraschuk) at the beginning of the movie. The photos scattered around Jackson’s body and texted to everyone in town revealed an ugly secret: He once beat up teammate Kyler Greeley (Berkeley Duffield) in an excessively insulting ceremony. Some people blamed Keller for Jackson’s death, while others, like those who had been harassed and abused by Jackson over the years, felt a kind of cold satisfaction.

Wandering beyond these reactions is the new town Makani Young (Sydney Park), who has left her parents in Hawaii to live with her grandmother in Osborne. She didn’t know Jackson well, but seeing his death did not disturb her friends: outspoken Alex (Aja Cooper), sensitive Rodrigo (Diego Joseph), obsessed with space Darby (Jesse La Tourette) and the irresponsible Zac (Dale Whitley)). They don’t really care if Jackson is dead (“Fuck these unresponsive people!” Darby said of her former bullies), but they were curious about who could do it. They will soon accuse classmate Ollie Larson (Theodore Pellerin), who they describe as “an idol of the all-black school shooter style” and randomly labeling them as antisocial.

No one seems to notice Makani and Ollie’s longing eyes on each other, because Makani’s friends are busy doing all the things that teenagers in horror movies do. They hook up, they party, they miss the murderer among them, and then they start to die.So it goes in Someone in your house,as always.

On the bright side are Park and Pellerin, who performed the most natural performances in this movie as Makani and Ollie.Due to the opposing chemistry of Parker and Pellerin, the secret makeup performed in the parked car will be more exciting than any murder sequence in the movie, which reminds me of the doomed JD and Veronica HeatherLess successful is the production design of William Arnold, especially the prevalence of secretly leaked photos of every murder scene. The film moves so fast in these hundreds of printed images of bloody faces and burned hands that they lack impact. (At least the killer makes good use of their printer!)


Photo: Netflix

However, compared with the film’s attempted criticism of white privileges, the stage of these scenes showed more care, which led to a quarrel steeped in serious statements to the point that it was forgotten that horror can bring a little bit of fun. In addition, here are not one, but two, wrong subplots, which raises a question: why not add a third and call it a trend?

“I’ve seen a lot of real crimes,” the student council chairperson Katie Koons (Sarah Dugdale) sneered when the murders started to happen. This sentence applies to Someone in your house On a larger scale. This is a movie made by someone who understands the metaphor of the genre but does not know how to uniquely rotate it. As a result, this movie has not completely surpassed the level of the “Halloween decoration background” movie. When will the next big killer movie be released? When would anyone dare to be as creative or creepy as this type requires? Someone in your house Will make people wait.

Someone in your house It will start streaming on Netflix on October 6, 2021.