Song of Conquest is a great tactical game that stole my heart with a musical interlude

As someone who often longs for games like Heroes of Might and Magic 3 to sweep them out the door, Song of Conquest is a treat. Starting with familiar basics, you can control powerful individuals known as Wielders, marching with your army on a colorful map and pitting them against each other in turn-based combat, it grows into something new enough It feels like progressing nostalgia without sacrificing some deliciousness.

Well, I’m having a great time, but it’s the songs in between missions that really make my head spin. It’s not cursing it with faint praise – Song of Conquest is well developed – but it’s so rare that I hear bards singing about things I’ve been working on and I can’t help but be drawn to their charm Music interlude. A strategic YouTube channel conveniently brings them together in one video, which you can check out below.