Song of Nunu: League of Legends Story announced that it will be available on multiple platforms including Switch in 2022

In terms of new content and upcoming content, League of Legends belongs to its own league. Arcane is a Netflix original series that takes place in the world of League of Legends. It was just launched earlier this month. Today it officially released “Lord of Destruction: League of Legends”, and Hextech Mayhem: A story of League of LegendsBut this is not the only story Riot Forge has to tell.

Song of Nunu: Another derivative game of the League of Legends story, has been announced for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC, and is scheduled to be released sometime in 2022. “Warm Single-player Adventure” was developed in cooperation with Tequila Works, the creator of RiME. Riot Forge shared a video Tidbits The interview with the game’s developers and the first glance of the game screen, you can check it out below.