Sonic 2 movie star and director talk to bring blue blur back to the silver screen

first Sonic the Hedgehog The movie is an unlikely success story. In the disastrous debut trailer, where the iconic blue hedgehog looked a far cry from his image in every other form of media, the studio went back to the drawing board. Rather than disheartening the filmmakers, the backlash prompted director Jeff Fowler and the rest of the team to pay more attention to the enthusiastic fan base.

“They were absolutely right to ask us to work harder and make adjustments,” Fowler said. “Then come out the other side and have everyone get a high five and celebrate and it feels like we ended up in a place where they were happy and this movie is a movie they can live with. Now, move on, it feels like Like the relationship we have with our fans is very good.”

The result is a character design that looks more familiar to Sonic fans, and box office numbers reflect audience appreciation, with the first film grossing more than $300 million worldwide. The authenticity that Fowler and his team put into responding to fans paid off.

Part of that equation includes actors who provide real-life performances for the brand’s biggest roles. Jim Carrey (Dumb and Dumb, mask) performed in full as Dr. Robotnik. Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation, house of lies) is a lifelong fan, so playing the role of the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog is a dream come true. However, in order to find his performance as Sonic, he deliberately did not research any other interpretations of the character.

“When I read the script, to me, Sonic felt like a kid, a very dynamic kid,” Schwartz said. “I hadn’t really seen the other performances, so I took it from the script because I didn’t want to feel like I was copying anything. But in my head, I was like, ‘I hope he has a heart, I hope he’s excited​ ​, I want him to feel like a kid, I want him to be funny. I want him to use a joke to ease any situation that’s too big for him because he’s been through a lot so that’s how he lives.

sonic the hedgehog 2 movie

In the first film, Sonic found the human father character Tom, played by James Marsden.west world, X-Men). While Marsden has a long history of playing major roles, acting alongside virtual characters is a new experience for him.

“I’ve worked with actors who weren’t present where the animated hedgehog was more vivid than the person opposite me,” Marsden said with a laugh. “It’s a different skill. You’re on set, sitting on a rowboat, and you’re in a relationship with your son, but he’s not there; it’s just a voice coming from somewhere behind the camera. It definitely takes a little bit of your imagination. “

In Sonic the Hedgehog 2, moviegoers are introduced to the on-screen version of Tails and Knuckles (voiced by Colleen O’Shaughnessey).sonic boomSonic Force) and Idris Elba (electric wire, Suicide Squad), respectively. Like Carrey, Elba offers the power of A-List stardom, but O’Shaughnessey gives it an extra level of authenticity thanks to her longtime voice for Tails in games and more recently on TV.

sonic the hedgehog 2 movie

O’Shaughnessey thought her role as Tails on the first film’s credits would be a once-and-for-all situation, and never expected to join the main cast. “I don’t know where this is going; I don’t know how excited people are to see it!” she said. “People send me videos of their theaters exploding in joy! I know people love Tails, but I don’t know how that reaction will play out!”

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Several iconic scenes from the game have been recreated. The snowboard scene in the trailer is reminiscent of games like Sonic 3 and Sonic Adventure, but Fowler likes the climax of the second Sonic game. “The tail of the tornado, the Sonic on the biplane … that’s the iconic image in Sonic 2,” he said. “Being able to make a big-screen film version gives all of us goosebumps and makes us so excited.”

Schwartz agrees Sonic the Hedgehog 2 There’s plenty of fan service and nods to the game’s iconic moments, but he also lists other game moments he’d like to make the jump to live-action. “Gosh, in Sonic 2, the casino area is amazing!” he said excitedly. “But there’s this area in Sonic Mania – although I guess it doesn’t make sense because we’re a movie – but there’s an incredible area in Sonic Mania, it’s all about Cinematic, can switch you from tv to a different tv. I’m blown away by how amazing all this stuff is. I’m a big side-scroller because that’s what I came up with. Sonic 2 has a lot I’d like to put in there Something. Sonic Mania has a similar fun vibe.”

sonic the hedgehog 2 movie

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 It’s in theaters now, but don’t think once you see it, that’s the end of the Sonic saga. Paramount Pictures has given the green light for a third film, as has the Paramount Plus reality show.when you are Sonic the Hedgehog 2 Setting the stage for the next entry in exciting ways, the future of the live-action Sonic franchise looks bright.