Sonic Frontiers was originally scheduled to be launched in 2021, with delays in improving quality, SEGA has high “expectations”

Sega and the Sonic team finally announced the next main line game Sonic Frontiers in the Sonic the Hedgehog series at the Game Awards last month. Judging from the trailer released at the event site, this game will be an ambitious open world 3D Sonic game. Sega told investors that “Sonic Frontier” was originally scheduled to be released in 2021, but they decided to postpone it to ensure that it fully meets player expectations, which is different from other recent 3D Sonic games.

Sega told investors that they spent a lot of time analyzing Sonic Frontiers to ensure that it lived up to the expectations of fans and to ensure a long-running franchise. Therefore, they announced that they have introduced game testing “based on external evaluations”, and the SEGA team believes that Sonic Frontiers has very good development prospects, and internally they have “high expectations” for the game in 2022.

Sega also told investors that because of their confidence in the final product, they will sell “Sonic Frontier” as a full-price game, which is different from other games in the series, which will give discounts when they are released. Sega finally stated that they are completely “focused on quality” and promised to invest a lot of money in the development and marketing of Sonic Frontiers. Now, let us hope that Sonic Team can succeed. Sonic Frontiers will be launched later this year.

“Originally planned to be released on the 30th anniversary of Sonic this year, but in order to further improve the quality, we postponed the release for one year. Not only this game, we have been steadily conducting analysis during the development phase to improve the game’s release Quality, such as introducing game tests based on external evaluations, I have a feeling that it will become a good game and have high expectations for it.”

SEGASammy Investor Q&A

“As for the pricing strategy, we feel that we are at a point where we need to rethink. For example, for the new Sonic game, because we focus on quality and invest a certain amount of money in development, we think it is important to keep the value of IP at a high level. Maintain the price at a higher level, rather than simply lower the price and increase the number of units sold in the early stages.”

SEGASammy Investor Q&A

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