Sonic Team: Since the release of Sonic Forces, the Sonic Team has been trying to nail the next generation of Sonic experiences.

Game informer We met Takashi Iizuka, the head of the Sonic Team, to talk about the iconic Sonic the Hedgehog to commemorate Sonic’s 30th anniversary and how the pandemic influenced the company’s celebration plans. One of the things many want to know is what happened to the Sonic Team after the disastrous Sonic Forces game was released in November 2017. The team apparently shipped it, started working immediately and tried different methods. We will deliver a truly next-generation Sonic game. After years of hard work, the team had to think about how to move the pointed blue hedgehog forward. They seem to have settled down when they made fun of the next generation of Sonic games that seemed to be called Sonic Rangers during Sonic Central Stream. Mr. Iizuka’s remarks are as follows.

After Sonic Forces, many fans are curious about what the next mainline Sonic game from the Sonic Team will look like. Now that it’s officially announced, please tell us more about the types of gameplay you should expect from your new game.

Thank you for your patience. Since the release of Sonic Forces, the Japanese Sonic team has tried different approaches to provide the next generation of Sonic experiences. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Sonic title, we needed to think about what the modern gameplay experience should be for the Sonic title, while also thinking about what path we should take in the next decade. There are a lot of things I can’t talk about yet, but I’m working hard towards the title. We look forward to sharing more information about this title in the future.

Is there anything you want to achieve with your new game? What lessons did the team learn from games such as Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces implemented in the title?

There’s a lot I can’t say about the title yet, but I think we’ll make progress in what happens to modern Sonic games. Of course, instead of denying the fast action that characterizes older modern Sonic games like Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces, we create titles that current game fans and new gamers can enjoy.