Sony acquired Returnal Studio Housemarque, evidence suggests that Bluepoint also acquired

Both Sony and Microsoft have been in power in recent years regarding the acquisition of PlayStation and Xbox camp studios. Following the E32021 Xbox showcase celebrating the acquisition of Bethesda and other ZeniMax studios, Sony announced that it has acquired Housemarque, the studio that provided the Returnal. More than that, the evidence suggests that Sony has also acquired Blue Point. But first, let’s start with what has been confirmed.

Hermen Hurst on PlayStation Playstation blog Let’s talk about the latest acquisition. In the post, Furst celebrates Hausmark’s recent success in the return, looking back at the studio’s past. “I’ve been a fan of Housemark since the early days when the studio introduced Superstardust HD to PlayStation fans,” he said. Adding Housemarque to PlayStation’s growing creative team was a wise move, and the studio co-founders couldn’t wait to celebrate.

Ilari Kuittinen, co-founder and managing director of Housemarque, said: “A strong partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment began with Superstardust HD on the PS3 and has since created arcade-like games for all PlayStation platforms. With the latest release, Returnal for PS5, to third-person shooters. Person Action Games has solidified our voice and brand in the industry by providing a unique and high quality player experience. “

They continued to say how excited they were about the move and that they were part of the expanding PlayStation Studios family. But what does this mean for the future of Housemarque? Kuittinen said, “Housemarque is a gamer, growing out of the need to perfect and tinker with the most compelling aspects of the game, and is not known to hesitate to run his own course. With the help of SIE and its studio family, we can truly grow in the industry and show what Housemarque can create without limits. We can’t wait to show what happens to everyone. Hmm. It will be on the shelves in the next few years, and we hope to announce the arrival of more lasting memories and exhilarating titles for the next quarter century and beyond. “

Keen-eyed @Nibel also discovered something else in the latest acquisition announcement. PlayStation Studios Japan was found to have mistakenly used the wrong image in the deleted tweet. Still, the internet lasts forever, so I saw Bluepoint, the studio acquired by Sony, for the first time. Given Bluepoint’s ability to create and recreate great experiences, especially in the area of ​​remakes such as the Shadow of the Colossus, this acquisition is also a good celebration.

The movements being made by the Xbox and PlayStation mean good for gamers. Both companies are doing what they can to grow their ecosystems and promoting them to enrich their gaming experience. It will be interesting to see what is happening now and what will become clear over the years.