Sony acquires developer Valkyrie Entertainment

With today’s acquisition of Seattle developer Valkyrie Entertainment, Sony’s first-party efforts have become stronger. Since 2002, Valkyrie has developed more than 100 games, often acting as a co-developer or content a tweet, Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, said that Valkyrie “will Made valuable contributions to the main franchise of PlayStation Studios. “

Valkyrie has worked with Sony many times in the past to help bring “Infamous”, “God of War” and “Twisted Metal” to the market. The developer will once again cooperate with Sony Santa Monica to develop “God of War: Ragnarok”.

In a press release issued earlier today, a Sony spokesperson outlined the way forward. “The daily operations after the acquisition will continue to be the responsibility of Valkyrie Entertainment’s current management team. Due to contractual commitments, transaction terms including acquisition costs were not disclosed. “

With this acquisition, Valkyrie has an important reason to celebrate, because it is one of the studios that helped create Halo Infinite, and we gave it 9.25 points (out of 10). Other Valkyrie-style games are shown in the picture above.

Sony and Microsoft are in an arms race and have robbed developers in the past few years to expand their respective first-party game development efforts.