Sony acquires The Playroom and Run Sackboy Run studio Firesprite

Sony included Firesprite, a developer of Liverpool.

After years of cooperating on games such as The Playroom and The Playroom VR, Sony acquired Firesprite as its 14th studio. The studio is composed of former members of Liverpool SIE Studio.

“Firesprite is a creative and ambitious studio that is good at creating incredible experiences and truly showing the potential of our hardware,” said Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios.

Welcoming Firesprite to the PlayStation Studios Family

“The technical and creative capabilities of the team are essential to our rich and exclusive game catalog, and I think you will be excited about what is coming.”

“Now, as a first-party studio, we know that we have the full support of PlayStation to further our tradition of combining creativity and technological innovation to provide PlayStation fans with some truly unique experiences,” the studio’s General Manager Graeme Ankers said.

“I am proud of the talent we have at Firesprite, and you will continue to hear and see more of all of us soon. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been doing… We’re just getting started .”

The studio was established in 2012 and has also participated in Run Sackboy! Run, and released its own IP, The Persistence.

The studio is the latest studio acquired by Sony. In June, acquired Returnal developer Housemarque

, And announced the acquisition of Nixxes Software, which specializes in PC ports, the following month.