Sony brings back the PS5 registered purchase plan

Sony wants you to register to get a purchase PS5 comfort.

The company has resumed its registration purchase process so that people have a chance to finally get a PS5.

Registration does not guarantee that you will receive an invitation to buy a game console, but at least it is an alternative to Best Buy, Amazon or GameStop. When the inventory went online, game consoles sold faster than hot cakes. Many of us nervously clicked to refresh the page, hoping to enter the queue fast enough, but we were disappointed again and again. Don’t even let us start the new egg lottery. It made us cry more than once.

Through Sony’s program, you will have the opportunity to purchase one of the limited number of PS5s during the upcoming US holidays, which can be purchased directly from PlayStation.

These consoles are available for purchase by those who choose. The selection process is designed to target the user’s previous interests and PlayStation activities.

Nevertheless, there is no harm in registering, because you may be lucky and receive an invitation to purchase.

In order to be considered for selection, first, you need to make sure that the email address you use is associated with your PSN ID and that you have chosen to receive PlayStation emails. If selected, the company will contact you via email before the event. Registration will start to receive invitations in November. If you are selected, Sony will contact you with the date, time and instructions for purchasing the PS5 console. If you do not receive the email, you are not selected.

If you choose, the expiration date and time will be included in your selection notification email, while stocks last.

Each invitation is open for a limited time, and each PSN ID per transaction is limited to one host.

What are you waiting for? Sign in here And register, or if you don’t have a PSN ID, you can register one through this link.

Good luck everyone. We will cross our fingers for you.