Sony Pictures Announces ‘Uncharted’ ‘New Hit Movie Series’ After Grossing $139 Million Worldwide

Very satisfied by Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group Uncharted territory The box office success was so high that its chairman and CEO Tom Rothman called it a “new hit movie franchise.”

Speak in company memorandum (thanks, deadline), Rothman said that the film’s success “marked a great victory for the company” as it was “the first major production to shut down completely due to the emergence of the new coronavirus, but we insisted on finishing a movie that audiences loved. Film.”

according to Eric Davis of FandangoIn terms of video game adaptations, Uncharted had the fourth-highest opening weekend in the U.S. behind Sonic the Hedgehog, Detective Pikachu and 2001’s Tomb Raider.

Expected to gross $30 million in its opening weekend, the Uncharted movie is estimated to have grossed $52 million as of Monday, February 21.

Globally, the film has generated $139 million to date against a $120 million budget — and it hasn’t even been released in all territories.

A prequel to the game, Uncharted tells the story of how Nathan Drake and Sully met and became friends. It covers how Drake became a treasure hunter as he unraveled one of the greatest mysteries in history spanning the globe.

It has lost many directors over the years and has been rewritten, rewritten and delayed more than once.

The film stars Tom Holland of Spider-Man fame, veteran actors Antonio Banderas and Mark Wahlberg, Tati Gabriel (The 100), Sofia Ali (The Wilds, The Anatomy) Grey) and others.

It’s being directed by Venom’s Ruben Fleischer and written by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Rafe Judkins.