Sony pulls PlayStation Now cards from retail to focus on PlayStation gift cards

Sony is pulling PlayStation Now Gift Card from global retailers.

in a statement sent to VentureBeat, Sony says it’s moving away from PlayStation Now gift cards to focus on currently available PlayStation gift cards. These cards can be redeemed for PlayStation Now.

News of the cards being pulled surfaced yesterday via a memo from GAME UK, which states that stores have until the end of January 19 to remove cards from customer-facing areas.

VentureBeat also heard that retailers in the U.S. and Canada began removing the cards last week.

Sony may remove these cards for other reasons than because it already has other gift cards available. Back in December, a Bloomberg report said the company was working on a new subscription service that would allow it to better compete with Xbox Game Pass.

The service, code-named Spartacus, will charge a monthly fee to access classic and modern games and combine PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now into one service. The PlayStation Plus branding will remain and the PlayStation Now branding will be removed.

The report says the service, which will launch this spring, will offer three tiers: one similar to how PlayStation Plus currently works, a second tier that will offer a slew of current and next-gen games, and a third tier that will include some older titles from Sony “Extended Demos, Game Streams, and Classic Game Libraries” for PCs.