Sony shooting for the 2022 release of the PlayStation VR successor

Even before the PlayStation 5 went on sale in late 2020, there were questions about when Sony would update its PlayStation VR hardware to the next generation. Throughout the year, there was a small but steady stream of information. We first confirmed the existence of a new headset and now we have a potential release year for the product.

according to report From BloombergSony’s Takashi Mochizuki is working to bring the successor to the PlayStation VR to market in 2022. This news is from Japan Display Inc, an LCD screen maker. It’s in a story that focuses on. The company announced that it will shift the supply of screens from mobile phones. Sell ​​to VR headsets. This move, which was a supplier of Technology Jaguar Note Apple in the past, has the potential to lead to growth, albeit essentially a transition to a smaller market. In this article, JDI claims that you can create high-resolution screens for headsets while keeping costs down, which is a very important indicator in VR space.

Mochizuki explains that VR headset makers such as HTC and Facebook are migrating from OLED displays to LCDs due to their low price. However, Sony is taking another course on the PlayStation VR 2. Since PlayStationVita, Sony has implemented OLED screens in game products. The original PSVR has an OLED screen inside the headset, and Bloomberg says the PSVR2 will also have an OLED panel from Samsung Display Co.

In March, I learned about the new controller that comes with PSVR2. Sony has abolished the Move Wand since the PlayStation 3 era and is trying to adopt something a little more modern to catch up with the highly competitive VR space. Tactile feedback and adaptive triggers are migrating from Sony’s DualSense controller and the new finger tracking sensor that comes standard with competing hardware from Oculus and Valve.

When the news comes out, we’ll let you know more about the next PlayStation VR. While you’re waiting, check out your recent experience with current PSVR hardware, including the entire Hitman World of Association trilogy, or Game informer A review of the 2018 AstroBot Rescue Mission, an outstanding VR platformer.