Sony will not say whether PSVR2 will come out this year, or whether it will be backward compatible

At yesterday’s CES 2022 press conference, Sony shared new details of its upcoming PSVR successor, the aptly named PSVR 2.

Although some important details about the hardware are shown (it will have 4K HDR, 110-degree field of view visual effects with gaze point rendering), there is little information about the headset’s release date or more specific features.

In a tweet, Axios reporter Stephen Totilo (Stephen Totilo) pointed out that he had asked Sony whether it will launch the hardware in 2022-the company will not answer directly.

“I asked Sony PSVR2 if it will be launched in 2022 and if it will be backward compatible with PSVR games (a lot of people asked me to ask them yesterday). Yesterday it was not resolved,” he said in a tweet. “Sony Public Relations stated that they have no further news to announce at this time. So please stay tuned…”

This means that we are likely to expect the company to conduct another PR campaign sooner rather than later. As we mentioned yesterday, the details disclosed yesterday are consistent with a report published on the Internet last year, claiming that PSVR 2 will arrive in the 2022 holiday and will use OLED panels.

If Sony does plan to launch the hardware in time before Christmas, it is only natural that the company hopes to start the marketing cycle as soon as possible.

In addition to the headset, Sony also announced the Horizon derivative game developed by Guerrilla and Firesprite Games, Horizon Mountain Calling, which will be exclusive to PSVR2. “Built for PlayStation VR2, this unique experience is designed to drive hardware technology, innovation, and gameplay,” said a post on the PlayStation blog. “Stunning visual effects and the new PS VR2 Sense controller give a world full of immersion in the horizon.”

The game also has no release date.