Sophie Young Stevens’ Beginner Mind: Strange movies inspired the new album

After struggling with the melody for a year video games, Sufjan Stevens is back with a new album, this album is time to watch movies with other indie folk/low-fidelity musician Angelo De Augustine.In a new interview GQ, Stevens and De Augustine admit Beginner’s ideasReleased on September 24, Mainly an accident, from spending a few days to write a song and watching anything they can stream or torrent in the evening — “elegant, vulgar, and everything in between”, as the two said Album notesThe result is a record that echoes the melancholy melancholy of 2015 Kelly and Lowell, But the lyrics are “Cenobite was caught in throes/released from the Pillar of Soul”. It’s amazing.

How extreme are the viewing habits of Stevens and De Augustine? The following is a breakdown of the songs and movies that inspired them:

1. “reach out”—— Wings of Desire, (Wim Wenders, 1987)

2. “The Chained Lady Macbeth”—— About Eve (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1950)

3. “Back to Oz”—— Back to Oz (Walter Murch, 1985)

4. “Pillar of Soul”—— Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth (Anthony Hickoks, 1992)

5. “You give death a bad reputation”- Night of the Living Dead (George A. Romero, 1968)

6. “Initial Heart”—— breaking point (Catherine Bigelow, 1991)

7. “Olympus”—— Battle of the Titans (Desmond Davis, 1981)

8. “Murder and Crime”- Mad Max (George Miller, 1979)

9. “(This is) thing”- matter (John Carpenter, 1982)

10. “This is your own body and mind”- She must have it (Spike Lee, 1986)

11. “Lost in the world”- The last wave (Peter Will, 1977)

12. “Fictitious California”- make persistent efforts (Damon Santo Stefano, 2004)

13. “Cimmerian Shade”- The Silence of the Lambs (Jonathan Demi, 1991)

14. “Tears”- Tears of things (Nikos Nikoladis, 1962)

Stevens opposed this idea Beginner’s ideas It was “about” the movie; instead, he and De Augustin called them a catalyst for the “new movie experience” in an interview with GQ.

He said: “I think that in order for us to comment on these movies and take them seriously, we need us to incorporate these small comic moments into them.” “I’m almost like an extreme temperer. These songs become These weird mashups. Sometimes we stumble upon a phrase in the movie that is so absurd that we want to add it in some way. I don’t think it’s not our blinking and self-awareness. I think we are It’s almost a descriptive analysis of the language we receive from all these pop culture sources.”

But there is really Filmmaker The core of fanaticism Beginner’s ideas: Stevens admits that he is a big terrorist and has a bad taste in movies.Still, somewhere in schlock Hell Knight III, He found the heart… and the “S&M Elegy” described in the liner notes.Anyone who doubts whether Stevens legally enjoys digitally drawn things like going directly to DVD bring it on The sequel requires watching his speech at a performance in the Chicago Theater in 2015 (Through fast transcription Redditor Chudaroo):

So we are watching Bring it 2 On the bus last week. It is definitely my top 10. You know the story-we have all seen that movie. There is a faction…like a cheerleader split. Like the loser faction, then there are the preparatory student winners and the loser faction, because the cheerleader winners already like football and basketball and so on. Another lifeless faction-they decided to cheer for croquettes, table tennis, etc. What else? golf.

This is amazing because it makes me think you know that despite the strange background, these cheerleaders participate in unusual sports events, but it reminds me of the peripheral concepts that we encourage in our lives. When we are really young, it’s like this kind of constant positive reinforcement. When you teach your child to speak, you say: “Very good, this is a ball, you say the ball, I say the ball, you say ok”, then smile and affirm. You know that in elementary school your teacher always gives you those stickers with stars, and in junior high school sports, there are always assistant coaches on the sidelines saying: “Go ahead! Live! You are great! Teamwork ! Defense!” Then you go to college, you have your mentor, your professor, you write thesis, the consultant-very good at giving positive reinforcement, criticism, and feedback.

Then you enter the real world. And those people left. They are no longer there. It’s just that you are trapped in your own kind of isolated, lonely, and depressed mind. Sometimes it becomes very dark. Your inner cheerleader is vindictive and self-punishing. And there is a voice that constantly hits you with various curses and negative reinforcements.This is what I always carry with me, like continuous Negative reinforcement and everything. So I watched this movie last week and I think the idea of ​​having a cheerleader in every corner of every game is really great. Whether it’s table tennis or croquettes-we need it, you know-in our work, in our cubicle. We need a lifeless cheerleader to pop up suddenly and say, “It looks alive.”

Beginner’s ideas Now streaming, available through vinyl records Band Summer Camp.