Sora ranks first in Super Smash Bros.Poll six years ago

Sora from Square Enix Kingdom Hearts series is the revelation of the 82nd and final series Super Smash Bros Ultimate Edition Fighters brought a bittersweet ending to the Smash community event more than six years ago.

Smash Bros. Game Director Masahiro Sakurai recalled this community poll when introducing Sora on Tuesday, which lasted from April to October 2015.exist Wii U version of “Super Smash Bros.” with 3DSBut Sakurai never revealed who won the vote.

Well, today’s revealing activity also brought the answer: of course it is empty. But as early as 2015, after Square Enix’s role was clearly the favorite of out-of-control fans, Sakurai consulted with Nintendo CEO Satoshi Iwata, who died in July of the same year. “For the top-ranked fighters, we think some people might ask for them from their respective game companies,” Sakurai explained. “We think this will cause some inconvenience to many parties.

“We are sorry that we can’t reveal the results,” Sakurai said. “But now, after a long time, we are able to connect it to our results today.”

Sakurai said that Sora’s joining “is a daunting task, but everyone involved is happy to accept it.” Later on Tuesday’s broadcast, he summarized three years. Super smash bro final Running, there are more than 2,200 characters (if you count all non-playable characters, stage guest appearances, etc.).

“I think this is an unprecedented field of game cooperation,” Sakurai said. “Each fighter has its own developers, stakeholders, game world and fans. It is a special experience and a real honor to be commissioned to develop games with these fighters.”