“Soul of Tsushima” film written by Takashi Doscher

The script for the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima movie will be written by Takashi Doscher, deadline Report.

Dosher’s writing credits include writing and directing the 2019 sci-fi romance onlyHulu Exclusive Videos stilland ESPN Documentary chance to fightNow he will write the screenplay for the big-screen adaptation of Ghost of Tsushima, directed by John Wick director Chad Stahelski. 87Eleven Entertainment’s Alex Young and Jason Spitz serve as producers at PlayStation Productions, overseeing the entire project.

The Ghost of Tsushima movie is in early development, and Starsky said in December that he intends to spend time watching the movie in order to “get it right.” The film crew is said to be working closely with game developer Sucker Punch. Stahlski is a fan of Ghost and was inspired to make the movie after playing the game “a lot”.

We’re still in the dark about the casting (although the voice actor of the lead character Jin Sakai raised his hand in a humorous way), and it may be a while before we see any substance in the project. But it’s nice to see the pieces slowly fall into place. Video game movies have improved in general over the past few years, so we hope that trend continues when Ghost of Tsushima is finally released.

[Source: Deadline]