“Soul of Tsushima” is a veritable samurai blockbuster with over 8 million copies sold

“The Soul of Tsushima” is an ode to the film works of the famous Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. Therefore, it is only natural that Sucker Punch’s visually stunning action/adventure game will achieve the same success as the samurai movie that inspired it. “Soul of Tsushima” is as popular as ever, with 8 million copies sold.

A recent tweet (pictured above) revealed the latest milestone of the game: “We are very excited and surprised that “Soul of Tsushima” has officially sold more than 8 million copies! Thank you very much to everyone who has played the game since its release. ! We are very grateful and thank you for your support!”

It’s no surprise that “Soul of Tsushima” has such a large player base. Cutting-edge graphics (somehow more impressive in Director’s Cut on PlayStation 5), smooth combat mechanics and gorgeous animations, and a story/game world full of Japanese culture and samurai legends help the soul of Tsushima and contemporaries Different people. Game informantof Matt Miller liked the original game and gave it a score of 9.5. In his impression of the director’s cut version, when he talked about the new content, he echoed the same shining sentiment as the original comment:

“I am happy with the breadth, depth and challenge of the Iki Island expansion pack. For new players, it will extend the already long adventure to more things. At the same time, returning players should be perfect for this experience and game. Excited by the fit is already a first-class game. Iki Island is the single player expansion pack I want. This further proves (as if we need more now) that Sucker Punch has an excellent new attribute that can continue to be developed.”

I have been playing the director’s cut version myself, and I am totally obsessed with the artistic direction and overall atmosphere of Tsushima Island. What are your thoughts on Sucker Punch’s latest IP? Let us know below!