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The original Devil May Cry was one of the strange developments in the game. It started out as a Resident Evil title but morphed into a pseudo-fighting game with combos and flashy airstrikes – but it kept the horror setting and fixed camera angles. Recent entries take place in fully three-dimensional worlds and toned down the horror elements – but what if they didn’t? Scrappy DMC-like Soulstice is here to answer that question.

While Devil May Cry has become more OTT and comedy over the years, Soulstice is dark, dreary, and steeped in grim medieval vibes. Aesthetically (though certainly not world design), it resembles the less cheerful Dark Souls, without even the fleeting glimpse of the Onion Knight, or the blazing sun that provides moments of warmth and beauty. What remains is a ruined settlement – the towering city of Ilden – full of transformed citizens and monsters from the Void. Playing as Briar the Ash Knight and her ghostly sister Lute, you must enter the city and close the breach to save the world.

(Image credit: Modus Games)

Soulstice’s story lives in an awkward place, littered with melodramatic moments on a thin, simple plot that never extends beyond the city or a handful of actors. We’re asked to care about the sisters, but they both come from boring archetypes—driven, deadpan warriors and innocent little sisters—and show no personality beyond that. The game is filled with a small amount of communication that should theoretically tell us something about them, but they’re mediocre rhetoric – “I hope the killings end” – and, worse, they’ll be as inept as you are. Repeat the progress without interruption.