Souldiers is a dynamic, soul-like Metroid Demon City which will be launched next year

Fans of action-intensive Metroidvanias should pay close attention to the newly announced Souldiers. No, this is not a spelling error, but a clue about the type of game you are playing. Developed by Retro Forge Games and published by Dear Villagers, Souldiers is a beautiful 16-bit Soulslike that is already impressive.

Players can choose one of three upgradeable classes—a scout with a sword, a spellcaster, and an archer—to fight through countless enemies and bosses. You parry and avoid and explore a large interconnected world full of environmental problems. You will also spend a lot of time crossing various obstacles. Retro Forge did not elaborate on the details of the soul, but promised that the difficulty will not satisfy the faint-hearted. Is your behavior controlled by an endurance meter? Did you lose everything after death and have to retrieve it in the next life? We hope to find more information before Souldiers launches on Switch and PC in the spring of 2022.

Souldiers may make a list that seems to have become a modern indie game, but it’s hard to deny that it looks explosive. The action looks great, and the detailed pixel art is a strong contender for the retro game beauty pageant. What do you think of Contra? Share your opinion in the comment area!