Space Jam: A New Legacy – The game launches on the Xbox Game Pass

Space Jam: New LegacyA sequel to the iconic 90’s sports comedy featuring Looney Tunes characters, the video game tie-up begins. Space Jam: New Legacy-Game According to the news release, it will be released exclusively as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Perks program on July 1st. It will be “more widely available” on July 15th.

This game is a pixelated side-scrolling action game created by Digital Eclipse, reminiscent of the 90’s arcade game where the first movie was released.Part of a cast from a still image of a game show Space Jam: A new legacy. Along with Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny, there’s LeBron James starring in a new movie. You can see James defeating the robot with a whirlwind uppercut and the bug kicking in the air. (However, there is no Nerdlucks, an antagonist from the beginning. Space jam The movie is visible for now. )

Image: Digital Eclipse / Warner Brothers

Space Jam: New Legacy This is an original follow-up Space jam A movie released in 1996. In April, Warner Bros. released James’ first look and a full cast of a new movie. A new movie with a modern 3D animated look will be released at the theater and HBO Max on July 16th.

original Space jam Since then, all that marketing has been nostalgic.First time Space jam Warner Bros. has released an ongoing promotional website. The game continues the eccentric fellow tradition of the new movie series.