Speed ​​Racer is the removal of fossil fuel sci-fi movies by The Matrix Director

Speed ​​racer It is a scene of eye pain. Lily and Lana Wachowski’s follow-up to the 2008 Matrix trilogy is a predictive antidote to the same superhero blockbuster over a decade initiated by the other two major releases of the year. I feel like. dark Knight And Iron man.. If the former was painful and the latter was simply craftsmanship Speed ​​racer It feels like an explosion at the Skittles factory, edited like a dream. From the beginning, the timeline shifts flowed into each other, with the title character’s strength in high-speed auto racing, flashbacks to troubled childhood, and Greek chorus commentary from numerous racing announcers in multiple languages. Place them side by side. The film depicts a futuristic city where aerial vehicles soar between the Skyscrapers of Day-Glo at various times. A cross-country race that soars from an underground catacombs to vast deserts and dangerous ice caves. Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Freebird” explodes in the background while the boy and his pet chimpanzee jump on a candy and ride a cart through a swarm of Segway factory employees.

Invisible: Gas pump. Or fuel tank cover. Or the exhaust pipe and the smoke that accompanies it. Or, give the manufacturer the power to promote product placement with a car that is or is similar to a real vehicle. Speed ​​racerThe future world of (the exact time frame is unknown, but the dates attached to the various past events of the race put it in some alternative future-past reality) is the average car The advertising power of the base movie is effectively deprived.Pixar’s carefree world car By comparison, it looks like a Detroit-sponsored dystopia.No gas or master: the world Speed ​​racer Create a run entirely on the fuel of a science fiction novel.

You can’t find a single oil company or a real car maker in an array of fast-paced fake corporate sponsors in the racing league where speed racers compete. Instead, the ferocious power consumption required for ultra-fast “T-180” cars like Speed’s Mach 5 and Mach 6 contradicts the serious science fiction concept: Rodine fuel cells, refusion distributors, inner positives. Hand shaken by transponder, Bernoulli Convergenators. Fossil fuels only appear when a cheating racer (appropriate name is Snake Oiler) releases an oil slick in an attempt to drive Speed ​​off the road. With the exception of this short villainous cameo, black gold is nowhere in the movie. Nor is there a car fetish affection for that. The film is almost itself about speed, as a means of liberation and as a way to blend the colors of life into a brilliant, ever-changing rainbow.

None of this suggests the world Speed ​​racer It’s a kind of gentle utopia. On the contrary, the World Racing League is a hotbed of crime, a kind of velvet glove / Tekken situation where big sports sponsors and automakers support double trading, insider trading and stock manipulation. A network of organized crime race fixers. Speed ​​is often pre-determined by sponsors in the final order of major races, and many drivers are willing to pay or as a result of blackmail to eliminate honest competitors. Or I was forced to dive so that the bent person could proceed to the winning lane. The fate of the company associated with the winning or losing car will fluctuate accordingly, and the overlord of the company can monetize based on their predictions about how the race will be carried out. (It’s all in a Wachowski Baroque-scripted way, detailed in some ridiculously crowded exhibition scenes that feel almost as confusing as the psychedelic visuals. I will.)

However, all regulations that these entities violate are race-related and not environmental in nature. Royalton Industries, the largest and worst company that dominates the sport of speed, wants to invest in fixed races rather than expelling filth into the atmosphere from cars and their construction processes. Its overall goal is to strengthen control of the world’s two transponder plants and monopolize one of the clean power sources that literally drive sports.

Snake oil overlooks speed racer

Image: Warner Brothers Pictures

Still, what do you guess? His skill behind speed corruption and steering wheel turns out to be Royalton’s redo. The evil path of the company’s eponymous headphones is exposed to the world by speed heroes. The movie ends with a shot of Royalton behind the bar, with the caption “CHEATER SNEVER PROSPER” below it.

Obviously, we should all be very lucky.Certainly one of the great pleasures of seeing Speed ​​racer There are other illusions of freedom in this era. In the freedom of corporate greed and lies, the thief millionaires who benefit from it, and the catastrophe of climate change itself. It’s much easier to imagine a world where cheetahs never thrive when the world itself isn’t under constant attack from their rampant pollution, deception, and manipulating political processes to serve their own goals. is.In this candy-colored future, there is a straight car F-ZERO Every driveway and gas station is only in your imagination, with racing drivers vroom The road to his victory against both his competitors and the conglomerates that support them. Speed ​​is free to make art — the words his mom points out to explain what his mom is doing on the track — without the by-products of destroying the climate. It’s a visually and emotionally beautiful vision of a world that isn’t bound by the time bombs of global warming and the guys who set fire to Hughes.

On the final lap of the Speed ​​Climax Grand Prix race, when he leaves all the challengers in the dust, you can feel the fantasy really settled, and all that remains is its finish line. Beyond the noisy cheers of the crowd, the announcer, and his family and friends.The movie is aggressive explode A visual expression that melts the eyes of the final victory and distorts space-time. Imagine that the last moment of Luke Skywalker’s Death Star Attack Run was witnessed by a crowd while somehow taking place on the Rainbow Road Course. Mario Kart The game and you are approaching the ecstasy of the sequence. At that moment, whether personal or political, it’s easy to imagine overcoming the impossible.

But what if the victory is fictitious? We also need fuel to unleash the desire for change and the willingness to see it achieved. If it came in the form of a failed blockbuster, that visual genius turned it into a cult classic, yes. Activate the Bernoulli Convergent and place it on the floor.