Spend a good time in Timberborn, about the city builders of beavers

When the main thing that the game must distinguish itself from all other city builders is its beaver actor, its life or death depends on how much it depends on it. Timberborn did not put its personality first, but even at this point of early access, it was a very pleasant time.

The task of the game is to build an ever-expanding settlement for your cute little beaver. While dealing with environmental changes such as drought, the game has fallen into a steady rhythm of unlocking new technologies. Just like in the best management game, succeeding in Timberborn is totally a good juggling behavior. You must ensure a stable supply of wood, while also ensuring that there is enough housing and storage space, and at the same time moving towards more useful buildings. It is very important to choose the right time to invest in flour production or reforestation.

However, Timberborn is gentler and friendlier than most of its kind, and rarely corrects mistakes faster than you in the environment. For those who might want this game to be a survival story rather than a prosperity story, the difficulty is even greater, but this seems to be inconsistent with the tone. Its look and feel are the main attraction. It is simple and harmless, with little hint that the beaver seems to have inherited the history of the earth’s world. In short, this is a nice space.

(Image source: Machinery)

The aforementioned environmental events are one of the most powerful ideas in the game. For example, rivers may be destroyed or diverted while taking away vegetation. And, of course, this is also something that players can artificially trigger by building characteristic dams. It is hardly populated, but the world is malleable and can prompt you to build more organically, rather than the strict track of making plans at the beginning of the meeting. Nurturing the forests and rivers around you, instead of endlessly consuming everything around you, brings value to Timberborn’s health display. Your settlement feels like a home, not just a giant hunger machine.