Spider-Man and Crow raid come to Marvel’s Avengers this month

Spider-Man, unique to the PlayStation platform, will come to Marvel’s Avengers with Crow Raid this month.

On November 30th, Patch 2.2 introduced a four-person Discordant Sound raid, where players can find the villain Crow.

In this raid, the sonic monster Klau has returned to Zhenjinqiu to destroy Wakanda. The Panthers and the Avengers must stop him before he succeeds.

With “Spider-Man”, PlayStation players can also look forward to the “Spider-Man: Heroes” event.

You will experience the story of Spider-Man through unlockable challenges that run through the Avengers program. Here, Peter Parker learns of a deadly new threat and must work with the Avengers to prevent AIM from acquiring technology that might make their combined army unstoppable. Parker will establish temporary friendships with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow, and will also work hard to work with the team instead of doing business alone.

In addition to raids and heroes, the update also brings several new and improved systems, including transportation, power level increases, and equipment upgrades.

The Shipments function provides a new way to obtain cosmetics, resources and other items strictly through the game. The cost of each shipment is 500 pieces, drawn from nearly 250 pieces of goods. There is also a small opportunity to reward advanced equipment that cannot be obtained through any other acquisition method. But getting the equipment does not require luck, because you will automatically receive it after you pick up 100 pieces of goods.

With the update, the maximum achievable power level will increase from 150 to 175. Obtaining the best equipment requires you to complete the most daunting challenge in the game-the new four-player Klaw Raid: Discordant Sound.

The update also allows you to reclaim higher power level equipment to upgrade current equipment to match the higher power level of the consumed item, with a few exceptions.

You can also expect that the story of the game will continue through the ongoing Avengers, Echo enemy types, ongoing activities and events, weekly goals for each hero, and Hawkeye nameplate challenges.

Marvel’s Avengers can be used on PC, Stadia, PlayStation and Xbox systems. Recently, Crystal Power extracted the XP boost from the store, making it only available in games.