Spider-Man Going Nowhere is Sony’s most successful movie ever. The first pandemic-era movie exceeded $1 billion

It’s not surprising Spiderman has no way to go – Sony’s third film in the franchise headed by Tom Holland – reached impressive reviews and financial heights.Since then, fans have been waiting for a live-action multiverse movie Enter the spider world, and No way home Continue as the perfect answer to this enthusiasm. The movie received positive feedback from the audience and easily exceeded the box office numbers of each movie in 2021. up to now, No way home It is the most successful film Sony has ever made.And, according to Hollywood Report, This is the first pandemic-era movie with a box office of over 1 billion U.S. dollars.

deadline The December 2021 report stated No way home It may end up with a net profit of US$610 million, which will be higher than Homecoming and Far from homeThis estimate may not be far-fetched, because on Christmas Eve, the latest online movie became Sony’s most-grossing domestic movie ever. As long as the theater remains open (the omicron strains are now spreading like wildfire, who knows what the future will be), No way home There is no doubt that this year will continue its amazing financial success.

In his most daring adventure to date, Peter Parker and Doctor Strange accidentally opened the doors of Multiverse and involved the franchise favorite villains such as Doctor Octopus, Green Devils, and Electronics into the battle. This may be the most ambitious Spider-Man movie, but this will not be the last time we see Tom Holland in a tight suit, because the British star may appear in three other movies.

In the Spider-Man game news, No way home-Inspiration skins are available in Marvel’s Spider-Man remake, and Spider-Man and MJ cosmetics have been launched in Fortnite.If you want to know more about the MCU, please check out Dr. Strange’s new trailer In the crazy multiverse Movie.

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