Spiderman joins Fornite! Chapter 3 provides redesigned islands, sliding and swinging game mechanics, camps and more!

Fortnite changes faster and more dynamic than any other ongoing game. The epic ending of the two-year Chapter 2 event yesterday encountered a complete reorganization of Fortnite’s core gameplay. At the beginning of Chapter 3, which started today, the developer Epic Games introduced a new gameplay through a character who knows better than anyone.

Spider-Man joined the battle royale, and he brought his web swing technology. Players can play the three suits of the wall piercer: his classic red and blue comic appearance, the white future foundation suit or his symbiosis black stand-in. One of the new locations on the redesigned map is the Daily Horn, a tall building that should host some Spider-Man Easter eggs for fans.

Every character in the game can now swing in the environment like Spider-Man. They can also slide. This is another new action that can bring you closer to flat ground for strategic attacks and make you slide down the hill at an accelerated speed. New weapons and items are also part of the set, but we have to wait until we start playing the game to see what is waiting for us.

Epic Games said that this new Fortnite era will introduce camps, where players can store items and heal them without any supplies. When unexpected weather conditions strike, you may want to hide in base camp-this is another new addition to this chapter. How did the sniper perform in the rainstorm?

If you often win battle royale games, you have a chance to win the crown of victory. You will have to continue to be the last person or group to stand and keep the crown.

As far as the story in Chapter 3 is concerned, all we know so far is that the Foundation is here. The famous actor Dawn Johnson voiced this mysterious role. Like the story in Chapter 2, this new story seems to be crowded with licensed cameos. Together with the wall climbers, players can look forward to Marcus Phoenix and Kate Diaz who become war machines.

In the coming days, we will have more about Chapter 3. To all Fortnite fans, check out the new content and have fun! I hope we don’t drift on the sea for too long. At the time of writing, the game cannot be played as we are waiting for Chapter 3 to start.