Spread love in Paradox’s medieval soap opera Crusader Kings 3


(Image source: Future)

This diary first appeared in “PC Player” Magazine Issue 360, August 2021. We do it once a month, accepting new challenges and handling our favorite games from a whole new perspective-and let you know our progress.

A wise man once said “make love, not war”. In the world of Crusader King III, that person may die within a week, but that is not to say that he is meaningless. All these tactics, fights, killings…Where is there sympathy for compatriots?

I want to spread some love through the world of the Crusader Kings, and I will do this by creating the most horny dynasty in the entire Christian world. I plan to literally look at the game’s reputation as a dynamic bastard simulator, and try to conquer the world with my cashews and push the game’s relational system to the limit.