Square Enix announces Forspoken Final Fantasy Origins live broadcast at Tokyo Game Show

The demo schedule for this year’s Tokyo Game Show was recently launched, and Square Enix confirmed when and where you can watch the large-scale live broadcast. In addition, it also announced a personal display, highlighting Forspoken, the origins of Final Fantasy, a stranger in heaven, and Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier.

As mentioned earlier, Square Enix Presents will be broadcast on October 1st at 3 a.m. Pacific time. It did not disclose expectations for a larger all-encompassing display, but you can check it on its official website (with English subtitles) YouTube channel.

The same is true for specific game streams played throughout the weekend. If you don’t mind getting up early, then you can watch the live broadcast here.

Forspoken just reappeared in this week’s PlayStation Showcase with a stunning new trailer, and will be demonstrated on October 1st at 6 AM Pacific Time. The game was originally called Project Athia. The protagonist is a modern woman named Frey. She is teleported to a fantasy world full of dragons and magic.

The next day, when a demonstration of the origins of Final Fantasy, a stranger in heaven, aired at 5 a.m. Pacific time on October 2nd, chaos reigned. As a prequel/derivative game of “Final Fantasy 1,” this game is an action role-playing game with a small amount of dark souls, which looks absolutely crazy. You can read the first-hand impressions of the demo here.

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, the recent mobile battle royale game that can be played in the beta version, came into focus at 1:30 AM Pacific time on October 3rd. It is one of two Final Fantasy VII mobile games made with Ever Crisis, which is scheduled to launch later this year.

What are your craziest hopes and dreams for Square Enix Presents? Are you excited about more updates to Forspoken, Stranger in Paradise or The First Soldier? Let us know in the comments!