Square Enix calls Marvel’s Avengers “disappointing”

exist Square Enix 2021 Annual ReportCompany President and Representative Director Yosuke Matsuda discussed Marvel’s Avengers, calling it “our ambitious title for adopting the GaaS (Game as a Service) model.” However, he went on to say, perhaps a bit of an understatement, “Unfortunately, it did not succeed as we hoped.”

After explaining the need to overcome the difficulties of transitioning to work from home during the pandemic during the development of live superhero games, Matsuda admitted that the monetization method of Marvel’s Avengers hindered its development. “Nevertheless,” he said, “the use of the GaaS model highlights the problems we may face in future game development work, such as the need to choose game designs that match the unique attributes and tastes of our studio and development team. Although we The new challenge solved with this title has produced disappointing results, and we are convinced that as games become more service-oriented, GaaS methods will become more and more important. How can we integrate this trend into our game design To create new experiences is a key question we need to answer in the future.”