Square Enix may investigate NFT and metaverse

President Square Enix Matsuda Yosuke Publish A letter from the New Year, discussing the company’s future in the game field, obviously this involves NFT and Meta universe. Matsuda said Square Enix is ​​preparing to study these emerging technologies, which reflects the interest of other companies in these trends.

First, he talked about the concept of Yuanjie:

“Metaverse is a hot topic in 2021. It first stimulated an active global conversation about what Metaverse is and then what business opportunities it brings. In this context, Facebook changed its name to Meta in October to prove this concept Not just buzzwords, but continue to exist.”

He continued to discuss NFT, then blockchain and earning revenue:

“Finally is the blockchain game. Whether it is a single-player game or an online game, games traditionally involve a one-way process. Creators like us provide games to consumers who play games. In contrast, blockchain games start from The growth phase begins at the initial stage. It is built on the premise of the token economy, so it has the potential to realize the self-sustaining growth of games. The driving factor that can best promote the growth of this self-sustaining game is diversity, including how people participate in games, etc. Interactive content, and their motivations for doing so. The advancement of the token economy may further promote this diversification trend. I have seen the concept of “play to earn” that makes people so excited is a good example.”

Matsuda seems to be evaluating the latest trends and assuring investors that Square Enix will follow them. When talking about players, this is probably the most persuasive quote:

“I realize that some people who are’playing’ currently constitute the majority of players, and they express reservations about these new trends, which is understandable. However, I believe that there will be a certain number of people who are motivated “to contribute”. What I mean is to help make the game more exciting. Traditional games do not provide clear incentives to the latter category of people. Their motivation is strictly driven by inconsistent personal feelings such as kindness and volunteerism. This fact is in line with the existing UGC (User Generated Content) Limitations are not unrelated. The emergence of UGC is entirely due to the individual’s desire for self-expression, not because there is any clear incentive to reward their creative efforts. I think this is user-generated game-changing content that is not as expected. One of many reasons.”

His clearest vision for these new technologies is to provide greater incentives for those who create content for games. On the one hand, this is a good idea, because many games that rely on user-generated content don’t offer anything to the person who created it. However, this does not solve the reasonable bad sentiments of many people about anything related to the blockchain.

You can find the complete letter of Matsuda Yosuke hereAt the same time, interest in NFT extends beyond Square Enix, as Ubisoft even recently launched its own NFT ecosystem. However, the opposition of many people is still very firm, because even Valve has put down its footsteps and will not allow encryption-related games on Steam.