Square Enix showcased the dungeon encounter dungeon crawler at TGS 2021

On Friday, Square Enix revealed Dungeon encounter, A new dungeon exploration game led by Final Fantasy veteran Hiroyuki Ito Final Fantasy 6, Final Fantasy 9, with Final Fantasy 12, And the creator of the series of classic Active Time Battle systems. Describing Ito’s new game as minimalist may be an underestimation; players seem to walk through grid-based mazes, earn rewards by drawing them, and occasionally get caught up in menu-based battles with monsters. Dungeon encounter‘The first trailer is confusing and perhaps a little frustrating for fans of Ito’s past work-but I am still hopeful.

Except Ito, Final Fantasy 12: The Age of Zodiac Producer Hiroaki Kato-he also participated Tactical Ogre: Let’s Connect Together And Square Enix’s two final fantasy strategy games-this game is also being developed. Music director Nobuo Uematsu is “supervising” the soundtrack, while Dungeon Encounters features designer Ryoma Ito’s character art, and his talents are showcased here.

Image: Square Enix

Although it seems that we will see many characters in the game in the form of 2D static artwork, there is a big fat cat named Sir Cat and a dachshund Jufren with a sword in his mouth. I already want to spend time with them NS.

In addition to this, Square Enix promises “100 thought-provoking challenges”, so I am approaching Dungeon encounter From the perspective of “this looks like a good puzzle game, not something with a real budget”, and hope for the best.

Dungeon encounter Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC will be available in digital form via Steam on October 14. The game is priced at US$29.99, but the current pre-order discount is US$23.99.