Square Enix updates grapes in Final Fantasy 14

IGN Report Latest patch notes Final Fantasy 14 Including a technical improvement, which will make many people feel very sad.exist Patch 6.01Many improvements have been made to the quality of life, but the most notable is the change to the infamous low poly grape in the extended Endwalker.

The grapes discovered at the beginning of the expansion period looked like crystals with grape patterns printed on them, which immediately caused a sensation on the Internet. Many memes were derived from the smooth fruits. They also sparked controversy about the details of AAA games. Some gamers called Grapefruit lazy, while many developers defended Grapefruit because it saves valuable resources and helps keep the rest of the game running smoothly.

Even the official Final Fantasy 14 Twitter account seems to be joking.

This patch replaces grape crystals with plump bunches of grapes. Technically speaking, it looks more like real grapes, but it removes part of the soul of the game. Pour one for low poly grapes, everyone.

Since the latest expansion film “Endwalker” was released, “Final Fantasy 14” servers have encountered a long queue time, prompting Square Enix to temporarily suspend sales and free trials. It seems that this is the price you pay for the popularity. And this game hasn’t landed on Xbox yet, although nothing can stop it from happening.

Final Fantasy 14 is now available for PS4, PS5 and PC. Endwalker is also available now, although entering the game now is a risky proposal at best.