Square Enix’s 2022 plan includes blockchain games and token economy

Written and published by Matsuda Yosuke, CEO of Square Enix New year letter The company’s future plans were announced on the SE official website. According to Square Enix’s mid-term business strategy announced in 2020, AI and cloud research that prioritizes the token economy, and single-player/multiplayer blockchain games continue to dominate the R&D team’s priority list.

Matsuda stated in the letter that 2021 is “Metaworld: the first year”—— Facebook change name to Yuan, And major advancements in extended reality technology have helped to consolidate the global dialogue of business opportunities centered on Metaverse. It is also in 2021, as Matsuda said, “NFT: The first year, because in this year, NFT has received great enthusiasm from the rapidly expanding user base.” So what does this mean for 2022?

Square Enix’s “Entertainment AI” and cloud projects revolve around performance improvements to bring consumers accessibility and a higher-quality experience. On the other hand, Matsuda hopes that Square Enix’s future blockchain games can “realize self-sustaining game growth.” This should change the way players interact with their favorite games, emphasizing the newly discovered concept of “play to make money”. Matsuda has a more detailed introduction below:

“I realize that some people who are’playing’ currently constitute the majority of players, and they express reservations about these new trends, which is understandable. However, I believe that there will be a certain number of people who are motivated to “play and contribute.” I mean to help make the game more exciting…It is the tokens based on blockchain that can achieve this. By designing a viable token economy in our games, we will achieve self-sustaining game growth. It is this ecosystem that is at the core of what I call “decentralized games”, and I hope this will become the main trend of future games.”

This shift towards NFT and blockchain efforts is evident in the operations of other publishers and developers around the world. For example, the fable creator Peter Molyneux is creating a “blockchain business simulation game”, while Ubisoft has revealed its own plans to make blockchain games and NFTs.

With all of this in mind, what are your thoughts on Square Enix’s move to blockchain gaming and token economy?