Squid game on Roblox is the latest viral trend

A series of counterfeit goods Squid gameNetflix’s latest battle royale show has proliferated on the gaming platform Roblox. The popular part of the platform is now flooded with things like “Squid game” with”Red light green light,” There were 8.3 million visits and 27.6 million visits respectively.

Squid game It is a new Korean thriller on Netflix, which aired on the streaming service on September 17.It is the most watched show on Netflix in the United States, and it is currently expected to become The most watched show of all time According to Netflix, on a global scale.

The play tells about a man who is addicted to gambling, Sung Gi Hoon, who ends up in debt. Because of this, he was recruited to participate in a 450-person competition, where participants will play deadly versions of classic children’s games such as traffic lights and green lights and tug-of-war. The winner of these deadly battle royale games will receive approximately $39 million in prize money.

Roblox games each emphasize different aspects of the show.Some focus on battle royale mechanics, some are just mini games, some are even adaptations Squid game As a standard jailbreak game. Red light green light Slugfo’s mission is to let players try to walk through the arena while playing children’s games. Just like in the show, if the player moves while “running the red light”, their character will be shot by the robot.Other versions of the game created a jailbreak scene, where Player role A masked police officer in a red suit shot at a player who did not follow the rules of the game.

Roblox is Mainly played by childrenBut this does not prevent dark games from becoming popular. “Police and Robbers” and “Prison Break” games are very popular on the Roblox platform. One of the most famous games in this genre, prison Break, Which has received approximately 5.3 billion visits since its creation in 2017. The game also inspired a series of physical toys. Some developers are also trying to profit from the craze by running scams. Squid gameThe bright and cheerful children’s game combined with its darker theme complements these other popular Roblox games.

These counterfeit products can be widely spread on the Roblox platform because it is difficult to make claims against children’s games, and counterfeit products and imitated games are often overlooked.In fact, it is common for developers on the platform to use unauthorized characters from programs such as these to copy the original IP Dragon Ball Z with Demon Slayer. Whether these developers are caught depends on how active the intellectual property owners are to protect their content. In 2018, a group of developers developed a Pokémon Brick and Bronze Their game was suddenly cancelled. However, many counterfeit products still exist on the platform.