Squid games, ranked according to their authenticity and horror

Squid gameThe Korean survival drama directed by screenwriter and director Huang Dong Hyuk has been ranked in the top 10 on Netflix for three consecutive weeks since its premiere in September.Is currently expected to become The service’s largest performance ever.

The play tells the story of a divorced father and gambling addict Sung Gi-hoon (Lee Jung-jae), who was recruited to participate in a mysterious 456-person tournament to win approximately $39 million in cash prizes. During the first season, Ki-hoon and other players will experience six high-stakes competitions based on the classic children’s school game, resulting in players either being killed or having a chance to advance to the next round. Although the show is the most fascinating The eye-catching component is the powerful theatrical performance provided by its glamorous cast and its seemingly cheerful color palette and set design, but the real appeal of the series is the terrible challenge that every participant is forced to accept. , None of which was known to any player before (with some exceptions).

While watching the wonderful first season, I found myself thinking about the danger or challenge of each game, and whether I could survive any of them.Some games themselves are scary, because the participants don’t actually knowledge What games are they going to play until they play. Besides, they are easy-as long as you can stay calm.With this in mind, we have compiled the strength rankings for each game in the entire first season. Squid game, Ranking from least to most challenging and very scary.

7. Pog/Dagi

Image: Netflix

Although this game is not part of the Squid Game Championship, it Yes The game first introduces the series’ protagonist Seong Gi-hun into the tournament. While waiting for the train to go home, a mysterious salesman found Ki-hoon—an unemployed wanderer and habitual gambler—he offered to pay 100,000 won (about 84) for each round of Ddakji Gi-hun’s game. Dollar) and defeated him.

The rules are simple: Ki-hoon and the salesman take turns hitting each other’s paper with folded pieces of paper, and the first one to flip the other side wins. Except for paper cutting, there is not much danger, right? But there is a problem: every time Ji Hoon loses to a salesman, he owes the salesman 100,000 won. In order to replace money, the salesman offered to allow himself to be slapped every time and deduct 100,000 won from Kihun’s debt. Again, there is no danger in this game other than physical humiliation in public for petty cash, but the real goal behind the game is to eliminate potential candidates for the tournament and see how much one is willing to belittle-and even endanger yourself- —If enough money is provided to do so.

6. Marble

Oh Il-nam put his last marble in the hands of Seoung Gi-hun in Squid Game.

Image: Netflix

marble? Who has ever heard of being afraid of marbles. Marble is not terrible! Swallow marble? Of course, due to gastrointestinal reasons, this may be a bit scary. Putting this aside, there is nothing scary about playing or losing a game of pinball… Of course, unless there is a masked man in a pink military jumpsuit standing next to you, threatening if you lose After the so-called pinball game, he will shoot you directly.

Squid Game marbles does not even have specific rules; you only need to use 20 marbles to play any game with your partner, and the person who owns all the marbles is the winner. This is less scary and more heartbreaking, especially if you choose to work with partners you know and trust—such as Sang Woo and Ali or Ki Hoon and the old man Wu Yinan—and don’t know what the expectations of the game are.

5. Ppopgi/Honeycomb Sugar

Oh Il-nam tried to dig a complete beehive in the squid game.

Picture: Netflix

Candy is just a little scarier than marbles, if it’s just because you eat it, it may be poisoned. But not this kind of candy; this is just an everyday dessert made from melted sugar and baking soda, pressed into a unique shape by a biscuit cutter. At best, the scariest thing about eating Korean Ppogi is the risk of tooth decay or stomach pain.But next, this is Squid game We are talking about-even the most seemingly benign and harmless activities hide terrifying and life-threatening consequences. Remember the guy in the mask, pink jumpsuit and gun I told you in the game of pinball? Yes, guess what, he is back.Well, not exactly: the honeycomb candy game actually happened forward Pinball, to be honest, because of their masks, you can’t tell any of these guys apart.

The rules of this game are simple: before the game starts, each player will get a jar with a honeycomb, printed on it with one of four shapes they randomly selected; a circle, a triangle, a star or an umbrella . In order to survive, each player must take out the complete shape from the honeycomb jar within 10 minutes. If the player cannot meet any of these requirements, they will be hit. What makes the game more difficult is figuring out how to accurately remove shapes from the whole. If you happen to choose a circle or a triangle, this is a relatively simple task; if you choose stars or umbrellas, not so many. When several players desperately tried to chisel out their honeycomb shape with the toothpicks provided to each player, Seong Gi-hun and the few remaining players devised a more ingenious solution for the game. All in all, this is a delicious and terrifying challenge.

4. Red light, green light

Picture: Netflix

Okay, now we are talking. This thing is too scary. If you have never played a red light or a green light, then the rules are as follows: the player stands at the far end of the field behind the starting line, and another person stands on the far opposite side of the field. The player’s goal is to cross the other side of the field, moving only when the person on the opposite side says “green light” and stop when they say “red light”. If someone is found moving after running a red light, they will be eliminated. Isn’t it simple? This is where the creepy giant animatronic girl with Terminator eyes appears.

Probably the most iconic “character” Squid game In addition to the aforementioned running dog in the pink jumpsuit and the mysterious obsidian Front Man who carefully planned the game, this huge little girl robot turned to face a tree on the other end of the player, shouting “green light”, but randomly Unscrewed her head à la Regan MacNeil near Exorcist And yelled “red light”. If she finds any moving player while calling the red light, that player will be shot by the many turrets located above the competition area. Naturally, since this is the first of the six games of the Championship, and the players themselves are happily unaware that they are putting themselves in huge fatal danger, this means that many people try to escape and get caught before the rest of the game. The killer finally got smarter and started to play the game correctly. Players have only five minutes to cross the field to the finish line without being executed. The red light and the green light are the perfect tone for the horror that contest participants are about to discover.

3. Squid game

A group of six masked men looked down at the final match of the squid game.

Image: Netflix

Do you know what is scary? Knife battle. The sword fight is terrible. What’s more terrifying is a knife battle in a dull foreign children’s game. This game is played between childhood friends into bitter opponents for wealth and survival. With the same name as the show itself, the squid game is played on sand, dividing players into opposing teams of attackers and defenders. The goal of the offense is to cross the center of the court with one foot and then try to reach the “home court” square on the other side of the court, while the goal of the defender is to stop them…in this case, at any cost.

Naturally, this is a life-and-death game, playing millions of dollars to entertain a group of secret masked men Eyes wide open-The nobles watched eagerly, stabbing, suffocating, punching, kicking, and throwing sand. Needless to say, it was very sad, uncomfortable and heartbreaking when watching; the perfect nightmare scene to end the game in a high profile.

2. Tug of war

Tug of war in the squid game

Picture: Netflix

Tug of war is not essentially a “horrible” game, unless of course you are afraid of any form of coordinated physical exertion. You may already know the rules: One team of players holds a large braided rope, and the other team holds the other side of the rope. The goal of the game is to overwhelm the opposing team by pulling the ropes at the same time, dragging them across the dividing line drawn between the two.The organizers of the competition are Squid game The difficulty was increased by having participants locked to the rope and standing hundreds of feet above the huge crack. If a team is overwhelmed and loses, they will be dragged across the gap, and the guillotine will split the rope in half, causing them to fall to death. This is a terrible thing; if you want to survive the game and get 45.6 billion won (approximately US$38,452) in prize money, then every contestant must have a chilling attitude of “kill or be killed”.

1. Glass Stepping Stone Bridge

Participants jumped over the glass stepping stone game panel in the squid game.

Picture: Netflix

Oh my god, absolutely no. I will march in front of the firing squad before you find me crossing that “bridge” with one foot. I don’t care how much money I have online, I would have quit this game and go home safely at the end of the first game, I believe-you must be crazy, thinking that I will participate in the stupid game of the game.

[Takes a deep breath] So anyway, the fifth game is also the penultimate game Squid game It’s the “Glass Bridge” game. It is not based on any school game I am familiar with-hopscotch, maybe? ——But it is an abnormal invention designed by the game planners for their own pathological entertainment. The glass bridge game is not so much skill as it is luck. At the beginning of the game, each of the remaining sixteen players stood at the other end of a huge room hanging hundreds of feet above the ground. Between the entrance and exit of the room are two side-by-side “bridges” of glass panels, each with 18 panels. In order to win, the player must cross the bridge to the other side of the room within 16 minutes. Problem: Each panel between the two bridges is made of one of two types of glass: tempered glass, which can bear the weight of at least two players, and ordinary glass, which will shatter upon impact and cause the players to fall to their deaths. To make matters worse, even if you somehow manage to get it across the opposite side, you will be hit by a large number of broken glass shards, which will explode once the time limit is reached. There is no doubt that Glass Bridge is the most horrible, cruel, and most difficult game of all games. Squid game I would definitely slip and die on the first attempt.