SSD expansion and user experience change the title of tomorrow’s PlayStation 5 firmware update

PlayStation 5 will receive a major firmware update tomorrow that will make some quality of life changes to the user experience. Also coming is the highly anticipated internal storage expansion that allows PS5 owners to install their own SSDs to the console. What else is in this update? A lot, actually! PlayStation covers everything in detail Blog post, But we’ll introduce you to some of the more important changes here.

We’ll talk about juicy storage expansions later, but first, a very welcome change is the way games are sorted in your library and the way they start quickly. Cross-generation games will now appear as independent games in the respective PlayStation 5 and 4 versions. A logo suitable for the console will appear next to the game name, indicating that you have the correct platform. For those who downloaded or launched the PS4 version of the game by mistake or fumbled through the menu to find out if the correct version was selected (like me!), this change is undoubtedly a huge relief. You will be surprised how often it happens!

The Control Center—the menu you use to close the console—is now customizable. Players can move the power, audio, view and download special icons, and more can be randomly played according to their own preferences. In addition, you can hide or unhide icons to further make the menu your own. Anything that makes the control center easier to manage is a good addition.

Finally, coming to the PlayStation 5 console is the option to add more internal storage. Those wishing to make more space for upcoming games (or always keep your favorites) will have to install M.2 SSD storage devices with appropriate specifications and recommended cooling or thermal synchronization.Sony detailed the functions available in PS5 here. Make sure to take their suggestions seriously. You don’t want to waste money on non-working hardware, and of course you don’t want to risk damaging consoles that are difficult to obtain.

Here are some other highlighted changes in the firmware update:

  • New controls for screen reading
  • 3D audio with built-in TV speakers
  • The preferred resolution for PlayStation Now streaming (720p or 1080p)
  • Automatic video capture of “personal best scores”
  • Enhanced game base with new controls for parties and chat
  • PS App remote playback and screen sharing update
  • PS4 users can now view PS5 trophies

We are about to usher in the year when the PlayStation 5 is on the market, and some pain points now have some solutions. What do you think of this update? Do you plan to install some extra storage space to install more games on your PS5? If so, which SSD would you choose? Which games do you never want to uninstall? Let us say it in the comments.