Stalker 2 developers announced the auction of “Metahuman” NFT, which will appear as an NPC in the game

STALKER 2: The heart of Chernobyl developer GSC Game World announced the creation of its STALKER Metaverse. Players can live in the upcoming shooting game in the form of NPC as the “superhuman” NFT in the game.

We will give you a few seconds to understand that… So basically, starting this month, users can register for in-game item drops. “This will evolve into a new game feature built on STALKER 2. “And according to the press release, the first drop will be through an auction scheduled for January 2022. The person who gets the first drop will become “the first superhuman in history” and will be “released and displayed to hundreds of millions of players worldwide.” GSC Game World seems to have high hopes for its upcoming sequel.

“In the game, superhumans will appear as’NPC’ or non-playable characters,” the press release said. “The game will use photogrammetry technology to reproduce the face of the real owner, so as to achieve the highest level of realism.” This NPC will exist on the blockchain, just like other metaverse-related items that will be dropped in the game Same, but GSC did not specify which one. However, GSC cooperates with the NFT trading platform DMarket in all these aspects.

So far, blockchain games and NFTs have aroused severe criticism in the industry due to their role in continuous environmental damage.According to reports, the use of cryptocurrencies that are commonly used to purchase NFTs and the mining of these currencies will cause millions of carbon dioxide emissions and damage the earth’s atmosphere edge. At present, the use of cryptocurrency is largely regarded as harmful to the planet. However, Ethereum is one of the most commonly used cryptocurrencies. It is studying what it calls aInitiate a more sustainable and environmentally friendly Ethereum era. “However, only time will tell how Ethereum will become green.

It is not clear why this NPC needs to reside on the blockchain, especially considering that video games have previously scanned people in the real world as NPCs in the game. The same can be said for in-game items dropped in the game-whether NFT or not, if GSC so wishes, it can technically delete these dropped items from STALKER 2, so they will be immortalized in the game through NFT and blockchain The promise is indeed more of a promise from GSC.

According to the press release, the second drop will occur in February, “with a highly confidential genesis package”, and the next drop after that will be announced on Twitter and Discord. GSC stated that these drops “will not affect the gameplay itself, nor will it give other players a game advantage.”

GSC has joined the ranks of many other developers who announced NFT and blockchain-related games or features, such as Ubisoft, who recently announced their Quartz NFT platform. Just last month, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that NFTs and blockchain games are “the future of our industry” and then admitted that he is not sure how this will work. Just last weekend, Gala Games announced a $100 million plan to help fund blockchain games from Peter Molyneux, Will Wright, and others.

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