“Star Citizen” alpha 3.16 released today, returning to Jumptown activities

starting today, Star Citizen Will be launched with Alpha 3.16 Return to Jumping Town Update-This will bring back one of the most popular PvP game modes in the game and several other important additions to the game. City Jump 2.0 Inspired by the previous pattern of the name, there is a group of criminals fighting law enforcement against illegal substances in a large PvP battle.

The 3.16 patch also brings more PvE content to Star Citizen, including abandoned ships that players can explore for valuable rewards. For brave players, these are dangerous places, they can manipulate a large number of booby traps to protect precious loot.

Star Citizen Creative Director Chris Roberts said: “2021 is another wonderful year for Star Citizen and our amazing community, and I am very happy that we have ended the year with another explosive dynamic event in Alpha 3.16: Return to Jumptown.” “Long-term players remember the early emergency PvP Jumptown battles in Persistent Universe. We used the fierce action of the old event as a source of inspiration for Jumptown 2.0, which is expected to provide more commands that we hope to see in Star Citizen Exciting large battlefield.”

As for the three updates of 3.16, there is the Drake Cutlass Steel transport ship, which replaces the cargo capacity of Drake Cutlass with 18 jumping seats, allowing you to quickly transport troops between battles. It is equipped with guns, long-range turrets and more weapons to ensure that you and your friends are safe and fully armed.

As part of the complete overhaul of the tomb vehicle, the hover bike has also been significantly improved. Those who own one of them should see improved handling, stability, and a better hovering bicycle forward experience.

Finally, bounty hunters can now seek contracts over caves on microTech, outposts on ArcCorp, and more new bounties in Stanton, including targets hidden in the atmospheres of all major planets in the system