Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Trailer Shows Captain Burnham’s New Threat

Gravity anomaly, David Cronenberg’s return and Ferengi-there are many things to unravel in the official trailer Star Trek Discovery Season 4, debuted to the audience at the 2021 New York Comic Con. For the first time in two years, the actors met in person to discuss the season that will premiere on November 18th at Paramount+.The trailer is great, in fact, that discover The star Wilson Cruz (Dr. Hugh Culber) asked the audience to watch it twice.

Although the return of the role of director Kronenberg, Kovic, is fascinating, but the anomaly is the biggest conflict facing the crew in the new season.

Sonequa Martin-Green (Captain Michael Burnham) said: “When I said that I don’t think any of us thinks that we will face such a big threat so soon after jumping into this future, I think I can represent all the characters. “It’s huge, and then I know it’s a lot for Burnham, at least. We face a huge threat again.” In the upcoming season, she said, “You will see these people find out exactly How do they choose both [duty and joy] In their own way. “

However, fans of the series who have seen the crew of the USS Discovery face multiple disasters may not be surprised that they are in this position again. The potential threat of the end of the galaxy seems to follow this crew member. “Tilly is good at science,” Mary Wiseman (Tilly) said. “So it helps.”

Regardless of threats, the biggest attraction of the new season is Burnham. He started this series as a commander and co-pilot, and then eventually became the real captain, rather than in the mirror universe. She finally put her leadership skills into practice.

“I admire Burnham’s practical approach,” Martin Green said. “I admire Burnham’s writing style.” With this new role on Discovery, Martin Green became the first black woman to play the captain in the live-action version. Star Trek series. “I think everything that happened in my life led to this moment. Everything led to sitting in that chair and playing that role. Of course I know what this means to me, because from a historical and cultural perspective , For all obvious reasons.”

In season 3, Star Trek Discovery Also welcome to the franchise’s first transgender and non-binary roles, played by transgender and non-binary actors Ian Alexander (Gray) and Brudel Barrio (Adila Tal), respectively. A large part of the team is dedicated to welcoming and praising Del Barrio’s debut.

“This has a lot to do with Jonathan Frax becoming my first director,” Del Barrio said.They continued to laugh and say: “I was so nervous that I tried to make a joke with him, he said’get away’, I said’okay’, and then it was all right.” But at the same time Star Trek The veteran Frax brought difficulties to them, and everyone else on the set was talking about how good Del Barrio was, and he was also Star Trek Discovery, In their scene. They are “truth tellers,” Martin Green said.

As for Gray’s body? Alexander is not on the panel, but his presence is felt and mocked in the trailer. “When Dr. Culber makes a promise, he will keep it,” Cruz said.

Then Cruz and his screen husband Anthony Rapp (Paul Stamets) almost fell into a marriage quarrel. Wiseman and Martin Green began to sing about how they like to perform together.Obviously, in the trailer and the way Star Trek Discovery The actors interacted with each other on the stage, and the crew of the Discovery aircraft carrier is a family, making the fourth season even more exciting in November.